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Images not displaying and lack of support

Has anyone encountered similar issues like mine. More than a month ago when I first bough the GoDaddy Hosting package and transferred my files and images to Godaddy and a huge number of the images failed to display at all, despite that they all have displayed with no issue at my previous Hosting company. Calling and emailing to their support people was useless, as they simply pushed the problem to the web developer.


I've changed to another developer since then and my developer had reuploaded my files and images once again. This times most of the images out of the blue could display, but many other images again failed to display at all!


My developer went through with me for hours to prove that all the paths to the non-display images are correct. I called and spoke to a Ms Pamela who promised to look into my issue and read my email with screenshots showing her the issue.


No response from her at all for several days. My developer and I again spent hours to vet every path of the images and proved also to me that the images are indeed uploaded and saved in the correct folders. I even emailed Pamela to have her IT technician simply login to the path of a single image and he would see that it still doesn't display.


I just called again and as usual all the support staff can say is to push away the blame on my developer.


My question to GoDaddy is: Why did they not check thoroughly my issue as I could prove to them that the error is not because my paths pointing to those missing images are incorrect. They are all ABSOLUTELY CORRECT!!!


It is easy for GoDaddy to simply push away the issue to the developer and saying that there could be a compatability issue but gives no further explanation. I asked for a full refund in order to save my time and theirs so that that I could switch to another hosting company. They turned down and gave the excuse that it has been over a month now. However, they failed to look at my initial email correspondence with them that I want a refund for the non-display of many images, long before the one month grace period expired. They ignored me request and now they are giving such no-brainer excuses, one after another.


Has anyone encountered similar problems? I have really wasted a lot of time with their server. It sucks!


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