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Lack of Live Chat with support: compulsion to make calls

The third day I can not find Live Chat anywhere to solve with GoDaddy support my two current problems. Previously, this has never happened. Now: no icons, no buttons, nothing but a phone number for communication. Wow %)


And the question arose: Okay, I can speak and I can call to the support dept, if they think this is the best way (it is not, really). But just wondering how some person with speech problems (Hearing-impaired, or Deaf-Mute people for example) should call GodDaddy's support to solve his problem? This is very "friendly", Godaddy! Bravo!

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Resolved: do not use Chrome browser, if you looking for Live Chat. It works in Microsoft Edge only.


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Hi @artloc, thanks for posting.

Keep in mind that Chat Support is not 24/7. Chat Support is available 5am-6pm PDT (GMT-7) Monday-Friday. It is also only available on our English help pages. During times Chat is not available, the link will not be displayed.

To contact Support outside of the time Chat Support is available, you would need to call the 24/7 Phone Support teams.


Gary - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
24/7 Support | Check System Status
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Hi GaryA,

Thank you for your answer and time taken.

Well, before posting my message, I monitored the forum and met all the requirements (even the most bizarre) for displaying the Live Chat. My only guess is that my IP should be American. But in this case, it would be worthwhile to call GoDaddy not a global, but a local service provider. I do not want to offend anyone, but being a client of GoDaddy for more than 10 years, I can say that they services and support is getting worse and worse each day. Although, around enough a quite respectable providers, and their level of service is only getting better from year to year. Some are even older than GoDaddy. And creating similar problems described by me, GoDaddy has a chance to get rid of such loyal users as I am.

Community Manager

Hey @artloc,

Thanks so much for the feedback! You make some good points. We're currently looking at all of the ways for our customers to contact us to get help to enhance our offerings. We want to make sure that great customers like you are heard and feel taken care of. Feel free to direct message with me if you'd like to chat. Thanks!


RachelM - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give kudos.

Thank you, RachelM.

But I just can't feel myself taken care of. I wander in the wilderness, like the people of Israel who came out of Egypt 🙂 7 days already.

Current issues list:

1. "Current Hosting Account Status: Pending Account Change" - a week already; just to easy switch back from Windows to Linux hosting type. As result - I has no access to my hosting control center.

2. Before issue #1, when access was possible, there was no "cPanel Admin", that I need to generate a CSR for my new DV SSL for one of my (DNS Only (Off-site)) domains. Web site files hosted on GoDaddy. My main domain already has an active DV SSL certificate.

3. As mentioned above, I have no access to the Live Chat: it's just don't exist for me.

4. Can't connect by FTP: "Critical error: Could not connect to server" error message (530 User cannot log in) + Unknow certificate error message while trying connect by FTP ("Hostname does not match certificate", TLS1.2).

The inability to quickly solve such simple issues does not add confidence, as you understand. And this situation is becoming increasingly strange.


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Resolved: do not use Chrome browser, if you looking for Live Chat. It works in Microsoft Edge only.


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you don't have to lie about this, I've been on Microsoft Edge, there is no live chat.