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Options when you're a Wordpress admin but not host admin

Hello. Yesterday as I was editing the site I administer ( it went offline, giving me both a 403 Forbidden and a 500 Internal Server Error message. I took over managing this website over a year ago. I'm in contact with the original owner but she doesn't seem to have any of her old user information for our host account with GoDaddy. What are my options for restoring my website? I have a staff of writers that's counting on me to get this fixed and 1000s of articles from years past that are still being read. We get about 200 views/day. It's important this website live on. But without the GoDaddy account info, what can I do?

Community Manager

Hi @anna86112,

Have you been able to figure this out yet? If not, my suggestion is to contact our customer support team to help you out. You can find out all of the contact info here. Good luck and I hope you get this solved asap. Take care!


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