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The wait to talk to support is too long

Wait - you got through to talk to someone! Consider yourself lucky.  I actually wanted (no longer do) to upgrade an account to allow more subscribers for email campaigns (NOTE: If you go over your amount they block you from sending ANY EMAILS no matter how few subscribers you want to send it to). I could not get a person on the phone or by chat - the wait was SOO long and I wanted to BUY SOMETHING. think how bad your support has to be if you have to wait forever to BUY something!!!



Community Manager

Sorry to hear you had a difficult time getting through to our customer care team, @jjvaleri. I can definitely understand how that would be frustrating. Truthfully, we are working on revamping how we do support and focusing on providing better overall experience for each customer. That sometimes takes longer per person and can have a negative effect on our wait times. We definitely appreciate your feedback though. 


If there is a specific technical issue that the community can try to help out with, I'd encourage you to post that subject as it's own thread. Someone may be able to provide suggestions on how you can move forward. Please keep in mind that this is a community forum rather than a support form. Users here do not have access to internal GoDaddy systems and generally aren't able to assist with account specific issues.


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