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Change Server and Site down by yesterday


i have upgrade yesterday (17.45 pm, italian time) my website to one Business Hosting.

By this moment my website is offline and i have always this error: 

Error to connect the Database

Why? Is for the DNS not propagate? 

Also i can't log on my ftp, on my panel and on my Myslq.... There are some problems?


Anyone help me?


I think is very dangerous Don't have ANY SUPPORT on Saturday or Sunday or during the holidays...


Thank You

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When you upgraded did you not get a confirmation email? Check your junk mail, it's possible you were sent a link to your site. 

You can also if you know your site IP address connect to your server using a web browser like thus:




Where user=your user name

password.... 🙂

ftpserver_url = IP address

/path = public_html (normal directory where your files are)