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Chat Transcripts Required

Can you please make the chat transcripts available or generate a ticket after the chat that would send us the details of it? It is important since support on call cannot be saved in any way. I'm not impressed at all with the support provided. Every hosting website provides online support for every issue but here the team is limited and the wait to connect with team members takes hours. I just waited an hour to talk to a Server team member after trying three times and then the chat disconnected suddenly while I was still discussing the issue. So if we don't even get an email from Godaddy after the chat then we have no record of the previous conversation to use as a reference to continue with another team member to finish the conversation and reach a conclusion and that makes us doubt on the overall services provided. 

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Hi @hirasabri,

you can always fall back on the good old screenshot after a live chat session if you wish to save it?


Of these tools on windows, probably the 'snipping tool' is the most useful. 

If you need the superior Mac versions listed then let me know.


As far as phone conversations are concerned, recording them is illegal unless all parties are informed in plain language that they are being recorded. It is only legal with their consent! This is the law!

Has anyone else ever been told by a customer rep on GoDaddy's support chat that clicking the "X" close icon will bring up an option to save the chat transcript