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Error establishing database connection

I am facing a similar issue on my website. It was working fine until a few days ago. I had installed Wordpress on it. The config.php and everything is fine. There have been no changes made to it and suddenly it has started displaying the "Error establishing database connection" message.
I, then, put in a php file echoing the mysql_error to figure out what was wrong. The output of that file was as follows:
Could not connect: No such file or directory.


I'm experiencing the same issue on my site as well. Very long load times on my site and interrupted database connections that just started recently. Glad to see it isn't just me but sad to see that it is happening.

The worst part is that GoDaddy isnt even responding to any of these queries. They have the worst support. I can't generate a ticket, I can't contact any live chat 

Go to Cpanel, click on MySQL databases and under "MODIFY DATABASES" select the database of the site giving the error and click "repair" just by the right. Hopefully that should fix the issue.


The error still persists. The following message is displayed next to each table's name when repaired:

note: The storage engine for the table doesn't support repair



My blog used to work couple of days ago, but now its blank: 

But now it just says: Error establishing a database connection


initially i thought it had smtg to do with the template, but the developers looked into it and said it has to do with the server since, its an internal error. Please see screenshot attached. Please help




I am also experiencing the same issue on after trying to upload a file from my wp-admin portal. Efforts to reach godaddy's support has been futile so far. Anyone with an idea of what I should do please?


Have had the same issue here as well for months now. Cannot access my files to check the config settings as it says "Pending account change" - so today I cancelled my GoDaddy hosting and I'd suggest you all do the same.


Godaddy **bleep**ed up a lot of accounts and have let them sit broken for months while still gladly accepting our monthly payments. No more.