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No add domain option available

I have a deluxe linux hosting account that has hosted four domains. I want to add another domain, but the add domain option does not appear as a choice. Does anyone know of a way to restore that option so I can point the domain to the proper folder? Thanks!

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You already have for domains setup so you don't really need help to configure another domain @DomainUser1? When you say the option is missing do you mean that you previously had that option and now it is gone? Deluxe Linux from GoDaddy does provide for the configuration of unlimited websites so you shouldn't be running into that issue?


I know that you specifically mention you have Deluxe Linux hosting but I like to add all hosting options on queries like this @DomainUser1. Check out Hosting Multiple Websites on Your Hosting Account, Web & Classic hosting Add domains or Add domains/websites to cPanel hosting. For those wondering see What type of hosting account do I have? I hope that helps? 


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