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SQL Admin Toll Import Failing

The SQL Admin Tool Import CSV file is no longer working and has stopped about 3 or 4 weeks ago. Getting help from GoDaddy with this has been fruitless to say the least. The customer support supposed expert said you can only import using SSMS (SQL Serer Management Studio) which is NOT correct. This image shows that is not true because the SQL Web Admin Tool, launched from within the GoDaddy account, host management area, gives you this exact tool, which has an import option.GoDaddyError.PNG


THis is hosted by GoDaddy and is a toll provided by them. We have no control over it and this server my site uses has not got an assembly in the Global Assembly Cache. I know what the error means and I know how to fix it, but it is their servers, not mine and not under my control.

At the moment my workaround which is extremely time consuming and error prone is to manually load each separate line of the CSV file through SSMS because the SSMS import tool also doesn't work.

Does anybody at GoDaddy read these and/or care? I doubt it.


I feel like closing all my accounts and hosting it myself. I know how and was only using GoDaddy for cheaper licensing but now that Microsoft have SQL express for free I don;t see the point any longer.


But if anybody has a better solution or knows how to get GoDaddy to fix this it will save me a lot on angst.