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curl error: couldn't connect to host


 My sms gateway give me an api call in http get. First, I have to provide my server ip address to be whitelisted in their system and so I give them the IP address of the server. The problem is when I make http get call, connection has been rejected. So far, I've been looking for what is the root cause of the problem.  Support team from sms gateway said to run dig command but dig command is not install in the system and my hosting is in shared hosting plan. They think the IP address that is provided is not right.

This is my curl call from ssh username, password, ssh name has been erase for security.



Helper V



Did you call GoDaddy support team?, They can resolve this...


Thank you




Praveen Thomas

GoDaddy 24/7 Support

Not yet, I though my problem can be explain better in community using image and code. I will contact them. Thz!