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6 digit code being sent to wrong email

My daughter received an email indicating her domain will be auto-renewed. The domain was purchased by per ex-partner (he is now long gone) on her behalf. He set up the GoDaddy account but did not provide her with account log in information and has refused to supply it after numerous requests.

When she uses the email address the renewal notification was sent to in order to request the username the 6 digit code is not sent to that address. She does not know where it is being sent and now can not get into the account to cancel the auto-renewal.
She does not want to renew the domain or have it associated with her at all.
How does she indicate that domain should not be renewed. Please advise.







Thanks for the information Justin. I followed your advice and unfortunately, they still have not responded a week after my submission. Do not know what I can do now in regard to canceling the domain. 

Hi @youngbg,


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It's very rare not to get a response within 24-72 hours. If you have not, please contact the GoDaddy customer support team so they can check with the Account Recovery team to make sure the request was received. None of the volunteers in this Community forum have the ability to access the account or the requests to that team to determine what action has been taken. 


You may want to go here - 

- and request that the email on the account be changed. Mention in the request that you have also sent a 2-step verification removal request. You can get more information on removing that feature here



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