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API Not Working - 404



I am trying to make a GET request to the v2 domain forwards api but appear to be having a problem


According to the documentation

Request Method: Get



My customerId is: AAAAAAAA



When I make the request to:

I get the following response:


{"code":"ERROR_INTERNAL","message":"Not Found : Failed to get customer data for customerId or shopperId AAAAAAAA"}


Could you please advise as I can’t seem to get this to work as expected. I confirmed with Live Chat support that the customerid is correct for our account so not sure why I am having problems.

Community Manager

Hi @Crystalgeek. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! I'm not a developer and haven't tried to implement our API, but to me, that seems like an issue with your access to the information. I get the same error if I just click the link from your post, even if I change it to information for the account I'm currently logged into. For a request like that to work, I think your script would need to have authentication to the account you're trying to query, so maybe there's a problem with your API key. That's just a shot in the dark. You can also try reaching out to with questions. 


JesseW - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give kudos.

Hi JesseW,


Thank you for the assistance. I have emailed with the information from this post to see if it helps.


I can execute queries against the other API endpoints so would be surprised if it's an access issue but hopefully someone from the API team can help.

Any update on this issue?

from API support desk:


OTE does not use live accounts as a source for its controls. All account numbers and domains must be created within OTE. You can register the domain through the OTE environment to be able to process test calls through OTE.


Also you do not use a Customer Number in the X-ShopperID field as this is only for the use of our API Resellers. If you have further questions you would need to email, as our teams shouldn't be providing any support via phones, but we only provide limited support on how to use the APIs.


(I don't know how to register the domain thru OTE, though....)



I am also getting same issue while adding forwarding URL to subdomain, API is Production{customer id}/domains/forwards/{sub domain}

HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found
{"code":"ERROR_INTERNAL","message":"Not Found : Failed to get customer data for customerId or shopperId XXXXXXXX"}

 I dropped a mail to API team, Can anyone help me on this with Resolution. Will be grateful, Thanks !!



Solution :

You can get the CustomerID/Customer Number with the below API call.


XXXXXXX(Integer) is the Customer Number which you can get from Your Account Profile Page or on screen from which we log out.




From this, you will get CustomerId field in response, then use that in Forward API


PUT{CustomerId}/domains/forwards/{Domain/Subdomain full name}