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Addon Domain Site not visible in browser; Future home of something quite cool splash showing

Hi all, thanks for reading.

I have a website ( for simplicity) up and running for a few months, yesterday I registered a new site (, the two are unrelated and I do not want the browser to show a relationship. Reading the Go daddy information I believe I can add my to the deluxe hosting pacakage I purchased with as a domain addon. I followed the Addon procedure in the Cpanel which created the folder in my public_html folder of the host. Today I uploaded similar files to the files - as I know these work - but all I see is the splash: Future home of something quite cool.

Is there a configuration step I am missing?

I have checked the @ IP's for both domains and they match?

I note the nameservers xx's ( differ - but godaddy prompts imply their defaults are the best ( and both domains and hosting are all godaddy products)

do I need to alter the ht.access file in the subfolder to work with the ht.access in the root folder ? is working fine after the addon has a SSL cert can this be causing an issue?


Can you confirm that two domains on a single hosting package is possible and advise on any configurations i need to make to get it to work? Beyond the Cpanel addon, is there another step? redirecting, a DNS, A Record setting?,  - I'm lost