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Poor DNS Support (ie. Just got hung up on after a 1h 50m phone call)

I got the runaround with people telling me there is not problem then telling me there is a problem and finally Godaddy phone support hung up on me after being on the phone for nearly 2 hours without resolving my issue.


I registered a domain name at the beginning of this month.  It looked like everything was good to go.  We put in DNS info and while it seems to work with godaddy's DNS servers specified, the DNS information is not propagating to any other DNS.  Godaddy's whois for this domain ( indicates that its status is OK but other whois searches show that there is a serverhold/serverdeleteprohibited.  Godaddy refuses to relay the information that they have on why this is on hold.  Then towards the end of the call, they admit that there is no hold on this and that we should be able to use it but they are unable to resolve the problem or provide additional information.

Bear in mind, this is after spending nearly 30 minutes explaining to someone how DNS works.  They initially tried telling me that since the IP address of the DNS record was in google cloud, that while they were the dns, they were not the dns because the IP address was not valid even though it was pingable.

I've been in IT for 20 years.  I've never had as poor of service with any domain/hosting provider as I've received with godaddy just now.  If something serious isn't done to correct this situation, I will certainly be transferring not only all my personal services elsewhere but also all of our corporate resources and will make a point to tell anyone and everyone when the topic of domain/hosting services comes up how poorly godaddy handles customer support.

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I realize that I'm probably ranting by this point (probably even in the original post) but I figured I would post an update after I've cooled down a bit.


1. Connected to several agents in Chat.  It seemed like in the middle of conversations, I'd get disconnected and then connected to a new rep that would receive my response to the previous rep.  I saved the log which shows that there were no delays or disconnections or any other explanation for this behavior.

2. Finally decided to call.  Agent seemed ready and willing to help.  However after confirming that everything was set right, we started to get into sketchy territory.  They noticed that the IP address of the A record was not Godaddy's.  They tried to say that they couldn't help because the IP address was invalid.

3. Went back and forth with some nonsensical claims that while they were the dns, they were not the dns for google...which while that statement in and of itself is true, had nothing to do with why godaddy as the SOA and authoritative dns for this domain was not propagating.  There were also claims that the IP address was invalid but it is a google cloud IP and i can confirm never went down or offline during this whole event.

4. Wasted nearly 30 minutes just trying to get on the same page that DNS was entered properly and that it should propagate and should work as it was set.

5. After failing to get me off the phone with that strategy, they then went the route of telling me that there was some court dispute.  The evidence for this was that there is a transfer prohibited on this.  In hindsight, i now know that this is likely due to it being a recent registration.  They were unable to provide documentation or any information that this was an accurate diagnosis.  After trying to get additional information and no doubt many bouts of me being put on hold for 15-20 minutes straight, they ended up hanging up on me saying they could not help.  They did tell me to email a which I did but was undoubtedly a ploy since the only evidence that they have that there is a court dispute is the same evidence that is in place because this is a new/recent registration.


Either way, I am not happy and am still non-functional.  I tried changing my name servers but all I get is the following error:

This is the error we received: Object status prohibits operation.


Maybe there is some sort of court dispute but considering my other domains which are completely unrelated have the same whois status, I am highly suspect and doubt that I am receiving any decent level of support at this point.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.



First off - I'm an end user like you and sorry you are having this issue - I see your domain was originally registered on 12/3 (about 2 weeks go).


The only thing I can think of is that the domain needed to have an ICANN verification of the WHOIS information and if that wasn't done it was put into a hold. Right now based on what I can see while the WHOIS is showing the name servers the domain hasn't been submitted to the root name servers so it wouldn't show any DNS entries even.


I'm going to bump this up to the MODs to take a look at - perhaps they might have some insight. If nothing else at least to look into why you were bumped around, etc.


I know this isn't a specific answer but I wanted to give some feedback. Below is just the definitions of the the status codes on your domain. I am guessing you are aware of them, but posting for others that might be reading this.


I'm sure you are aware of the status codes, but I'm posting for others to see

serverHold = This status code is set by your domain's Registry Operator. Your domain is not activated in the DNS.

serverDeleteProhibited = This status code prevents your domain from being deleted. It is an uncommon status that is usually enacted during legal disputes, at your request, or when a redemptionPeriod status is in place.

serverTransferProhibited = This status code prevents your domain from being transferred from your current registrar to another. It is an uncommon status that is usually enacted during legal or other disputes, at your request, or when a redemptionPeriod status is in place.

serverUpdateProhibited = This status code locks your domain preventing it from being updated. It is an uncommon status that is usually enacted during legal disputes, at your request, or when a redemptionPeriod status is in place.



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Hi @intellchrist,


We're sorry to hear you had such a poor experience with our support teams. We'll be happy to have our managers look into any calls related to the disposition of the domain you provided with our Customer Support staff. They will pass along any inappropriate behavior to the supervisors if internal action is required. 


You were given a piece of information that you noted in your last post. "They did tell me to email a which I did but was undoubtedly a ploy since the only evidence that they have that there is a court dispute is the same evidence that is in place because this is a new/recent registration." 


This was not a "ploy", but the most direct and efficient piece of information that they could provide to you. (The transfer is listed as prohibited, as all new domains are locked against transfer for 60 days. It is unrelated to the issue you must look to resolve by using the email referenced.) Neither our support team on phone or chat, nor what can be provided by GoDaddy in an open Community forum can elaborate on the domain's issue. Please follow up with that contact provided in order to obtain clarity on the domain. All specialty departments may require 24-72 hours for reply.


Circumstances like this are very unusual and we appreciate your understanding as you contact the department correctly referred to you. Due to its legal nature, our support representatives are unable to provide further assistance, but to their credit, (and from your description) it sounded like they tried to determine if it was an issue that they could resolve for you. Thank you for your patience and cooperation.



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Thank you @PL281  for your empathy.


@TLH  - I'm assuming that godaddy would not act on a court dispute without a case number which all court cases have.  Since godaddy is unable or unwilling to provide this case number and there have been no notifications to my registered email addresses which is also a requirement for any ICANN disputed domain actions as laid out in their domain dispute policy (, i cannot accept that this is the case.


Because neither of these requirements for a court dispute have been met, I am unconvinced that there is, in fact, any court dispute but rather that there is a technical issue.  It is absurd to be directed to email a courtdispute email address for an issue that meets none of the requisites for a court dispute.  Hence my difficulty believing that there is actually a court dispute rather than the more likely situation where they don't know what is going on and are just sending me down a different support path to get me off the phone (by hanging up on me).

Hi @intellchrist,


You are in a public Community forum. We protect your privacy and security by not providing further information regarding your account, or the domain, through this channel. If you wish to gain more insight on the status of your domain, you must go through the channel as provided by the representatives. Neither the customer service agents (for lack of access to legal department documents) nor this Community of users (who are users/customers like you) are able to provide more assistance here or provide any relevant case number you may be looking for. Any ICANN dispute you wish to pursue will not be done through this forum, but by using the UDRP process and by contacting the departments as advised. They alone, can provide you proper assistance.


As previously noted, we will have any phone disconnect issues reviewed - independent of your domain issue - and refer any necessary internal actions to the managers in charge.





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