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Can't send emails. All get bounced back

For the second time in a week, I am using my webmail as usual, and all of a sudden I get a mailer daemon bounceback when trying to send a email.  Nothing unusual, and am sending to familiar friends.  Once that happens, I cannot send ANY more emails at all, not even a test email to myself.  It insists on labeling the message 552 (spam), which clearly it isn't  It took GoDaddy support over THREE HOURS to sort this out for me last week, and now it's happening again!  Estimated 205 minutes wait time on the chat, and in the meantime I'm stuck.  Receive emails just fine, just can't send them.  Tedious.  I've had GoDaddy since 2009 and this has never happened before last week.  Now it's happened twice.  HELP!


Hello @oldsarum ,


Welcome, and thanks for posting your email issue.  I’m sorry to hear you are having trouble.  There are several things that could be causing the bounce back.... 

1. Did your message contain an attachment that may have been flagged?

2. Are you using anything other than webmail to access emails, like Outlook?

3. Ask your recipients to make sure your are added as a verified contact in their email addresses.

4. Do you notice anything unusual in your “sent” folder?


These questions and steps will get you on a road to resolution. 🙂

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