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Email Campaign Error

Hello, does anyone have issues with their email campaign builder? It seems like every other day, I receive an "bad request" error when I am trying to send out emails via the campaign system. I have tried to contact support, but they didn't help and needed to have someone else who wasn't available to assist. Is there a ticket option for issues? I would like to get this resolved. I can't even use the chat option now because it's constantly buffering. Thanks!


Hello @rebirthselflove and thank you for being a part of the Community!


I am sorry you are experiencing this issue. Were you able to reach out to GoDaddy Support via phone? When are you receiving the error, when attempting to access the product or composing an email and sending? I would try a few things first then try reaching back out to Support:

  • Use an incognito window, login to your GoDaddy account, and try sending a test campaign to yourself.
  • If the campaign was sent successfully, you will need to clear your cache and cookies in your browser.

Please let me know if the troubleshooting techniques worked or not 😁

GoDaddy Support is available 24/7!