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Email forwarding does not work

When I set up my hosting account, I received something called FREE EMAIL FORWARDING, which means, in lay terms, that I can use a simple "info@mydomainname" email address on my web site or even on my business cards, and that when someone, anyone, emails to that "info" address it gets automatically forwarded/routed from the GoDaddy email hosting servers to my regular existing gmail account.  This worked for about a month, now it does not work at all.  What gives?  Did something get corrupted or changed? GD Customer Support can't seem to help with this.  Any leads are appreciated. 


GoDaddy absolutely knows what's going on and are afraid to tell us the truth.


And if they don't, "Shame on them".


Same here. What gives?

Same here.

It's all

I fixed my problem by adding missing MX records.


I'm not sure why it wasn't set up upon registering the domain name; especially since the free mail forwarding was provided. (Could it be related to the connection to Facebook I used ?)

It's all


What did you use for the MX fields (points to, priority, ttl)?

20180521 Capture.PNG

It's all

Thanks for that it was doing my head in.

Can you let me know what you did to get it working?