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Email not forwarding everything to Gmail


I set the forwarder from godaddy email to my Gmail account. I tested and everything works fine. 

Today I received an email from PayPal and it has not been forwarded to Gmail. So I sent another email from my other private account and it's been forwarded correctly. Another email from PayPal and again, did not forward to Gmail. Maybe it has something to do with html in message? The message content on Webmail:

"This message part contains HTML data, but inline HTML display is disabled.
View HTML data in new window.
Convert HTML data to plain text and view in new window."

Thanks for help.


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Re: Email not forwarding everything to Gmail

Hi @rossak,

the truth is that gmail is a right pain......

I won't use it. 

I had more problems with it and tore more hair out and life is too short to spend any longer with it. 

Thats my experience with it for what it's worth lol 😀

Use another account for an easy life...


Re: Email not forwarding everything to Gmail

I contacted godaddy customer support, from what I understood they just recreated forwarders and now everything works fine.