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Email on Mac OSx mail

Hello friends! I am on an iMac running Mojave 10.14.6. This is very strange but about 4 days back my email stopped working. The error I got was "Unable to verify account name or password." I have a mail plus GoDaddy email account. I have tried making this work with various clients like Outlook, Thunderbird, Airmail... but to no success. However, the webmail on the browser works fine.

I handle the GoDaddy account for my company so I know that this was faced by another colleague who works on windows and eventually, I had to create a new mail id for him.

Has anyone else faced this? I am seriously contemplating on moving my mail services to Google now because I expect this to happen to all the accounts as we go along.

Any help would be much appreciated. Had a word with Tech support and all they say is that these are 3rd party clients and therefore, they cannot help AT ALL. But I do not see this as a 3rd party problem because all mail clients would not give the same error. Hope to hear from someone with some solution. Migrating will be a headache but I will be left with no choice... Thank you all!! 


Hi @YRinVR ,


Thanks for reaching out, and Welcome to the Community!  There are a few tricks we can try to see what happened or get your get your email to reconnect.  Just curious, has the password changed or been changed recently to the webmail account?  If it did, then it will need to be updated in the mail client too.  Were there any recent OS updates?  Sometimes this can cause problems with email.  If the password isn’t the issue, then check your connections using the email wizard .  Let us know if this worked 😀

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Thank you for getting back on this. However, this does not work. And, also the instructions for Apple Mail is outdated. The snapshots are old. Since I am based in Asia, I also need to add asia in the IMAP and SMTP server address.

Anyway, I followed the principal premise of the guide but I still get the same error - "Unable to verify account name or password." Just as a reminder, I have had this account since 2 years so I have set this up multiple times and also set this up for my employees at various occasions. I can assure you, there is no error in configuring the mail at my end. Thank you...

Hi @YRinVR ,


Understood.  Please check your Domain’s records to make sure nothing was changed and that your MX records are correct for the webmail account. 

Sales and Support available 24/7 via phone or chat

Unless it was changed from your side of things, I have not gone and changed any records. And, please don't forget it was working fine 4 days back.