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Frustrating email problems

I have finally got my Windows Live desktop email configured so that it will send emails.  However, it doesn't seem to be receiving any.  When I check my mail through Cpanel, the only messages I see are the test messages I sent myself, and which lulled me into thinking that all was well. 


AFter reading on on this board, and following links that say to monkey with something called MX and changing DNS something or other, I'm totally beflummoxed.   I hope someone here can put into plain English what I need to do to make my email operational again.  I used to complain about getting too much junk email, and now I'm complaining because I'm getting NONE.  




Karen -- GoDaddy is both my domain registrar and web host, if that makes a difference.


Re: Frustrating email problems


I would definitely call into our hosting support department so they can diagnose this issue with you. How it breaks down is that DNS (Domain Name Servers) is like a phone book directory that tells the internet where services (email, websites) are located. MX records (Mail Exchanger) are used for connecting email to your domain, hence the term domain-based email. MX records are stored in your DNS zone file in your account under your Domains area. So I would call into hosting support so they can check your DNS and run tests on your hosting account to ensure that everything is sound on our side. Hopefully this helps!