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Issues with receiving emails that are CC'd to GoDaddy email account



We have a GoDaddy email account that is set up to CC a few individuals whenever an email is sent to that address.  This has been the process for the last five years and there has never been an issue with this system.  For the last two months, there is one user who has reported that they haven't been receiving the emails that they are supposed to be cc'd on.


For example: is set up to automatically cc the following people:, &  Brian is reporting that he hasn't been receiving the emails that were sent to for the last two months.  


Any ideas as to why this is happening?  They have reported nothing in their junk folders, deleted folders, trash folder or any other folders.  Its as if their email address on the email list didn't exist. 


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Hi @hamall,


first try sending them a regular email, not CC'd. Maybe check for blacklisted servers also if problem persists. It could be possible that it's their settings, don't rule this out because they just said it's not their settings.

Thanks. Will do