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Missing emails

In the last few days, apparently without warning, a GoDaddy webmail account that I run has 'lost' all emails before 20 April 2018. Five years worth. The account is working fine now on new emails - send and receive. But thousands have dissappeared. The box is now 11% full. the support desk offers no explanation other than I must have deleted the emails but I didn't. Is there some kind of an auto-purge if the mailbox limit is reached? There were no warnings as far as I can tell. Help...

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Missing emails

Hi @timmo,

Sorry to hear this! If you haven't already resolved this issue, then it seems like your best option is to call our customer support team for help with your account. Our team has details about your account and is good at helping to troubleshoot what might be happening to help come up with a solution. You can find the best number to reach us in your local area by going to


Come back and let us know what the issue was and how it was resolved. This information might help someone in the future who's experiencing the same issue. 


Take care!