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Office 365 and Wix DNS mgmt


I have an Office 365 account including Sharepoint that I setup with the DNS of my GoDaddy account ( and NS9...).

At the same time, I host my website with WIX that ask me to setup my DNS with and ns9...

How can I have both? I try to add new NS but it seem not working.

Some cues? Thanks

Former Employee

Hi DBell,



If you are hosting with WIX, you certainly can still use Office 365 but because you would need to change the nameservers to WIX, you would need to readd the DNS records necessary for Office 365 to function on WIX's end. 


Alternatively, if WIX offers you an IP address to create an "A" record, you could change your nameservers back to the default GoDaddy nameservers, keep the Office 365 records in place and then add the IP provided as an A record pointing your domain to your WIX website. 



Hope this helps!