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Still can't get PowerBI after Ad Hoc subs enabled

Just hoping that someone who has signed up to PowerBI (I read this topic below) can help me figure out the problem


I got GoDaddy technical support to enable ad hoc subscriptions over 24 hours ago and when I try to sign in for PowerBI I still get the message below - 


We can't finish signing you up. Your IT department has turned off signup for Microsoft Power BI. Contact them to complete signup.


I know from the other thread that some other people have managed to get PowerBI once the ad hoc subscriptions are enabled so just wondering if anyone can point out something obvious I am missing. Bit frustrating at the moment as thought I had cracked it yet as things are going will have to move to Microsoft as I need this and GoDaddy technical support won't offer anything further aside from confirmation that ad hoc subs are enabled.


I've waited the 24 hours for propagation and cleared cookies from browser, tried a different browser just in case...

Any advice much appreciated


Solved, got on the phone again asked for everything to be re-checked thoroughly to make absolutely sure the right change had been implemented and suddenly Power BI access started working.

Supposedly our account has AdHoc licenses option turned on but I still don't see where I go to buy licenses. Going to the Power BI portal and clicking "Upgrade" just takes me to a help article. I called GoDaddy but they were no help.


Unfortunately I think I'm coming to the realization that I am just going to need to migrate off of GoDaddy. Having half the admin interface options for Microsoft locked out or missing is just impossible to work with. This seems like such an obvious and simple thing. 

For anyone else in this same situation (can't use the full version of Power BI or access the Microsoft Admin Center), it turns out migrating off of GoDaddy to Microsoft is pretty easy. We hired a contractor from UpWork who took care of the whole process using MigrationWiz. The only difficult part was that everyone had to delete their Outlook profile and set it up again. We were able to move all our Azure VM's and databases over to the new subscription as well. YOU MUST DO THIS BEFORE TRANSFER or the VM's will be gone. 


Michael Baskin ( did the transfer for us. He did an amazing job, cost around $2,500 total to move two domains and about 35 users with about 12 hours of downtime.