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Why aren't my deleted emails registering in my storage setting?

I've deleted a number of emails, one in particular that was huge (12mbs), yet there is no response shown in my storage setting, it still sits at 96%!!


1. Why is there no trash folder, as that would help verify that the trashed emails were in fact, deleted. 

2. Why isn't the deletion of thse emails showing up, even when I refresh the window?


Hi @StevenCee , 


Great to see you joined the Community.  Welcome!  Your issue is an interesting one.  To help narrow down the issue,

I’d like to ask a few questions:


1. Are you using a connecting email service like Outlook, Apple Mail, etc?

2. Check your browser- is the history full if you’re checking webmail directly? ( switch over to a private/incognito window , then log back in) 

3. Possible billing issue?  Is the webmail account up to date?


This should get us going in the right direction to solve your email issue 😊

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Hi Valerie, 

1. Not sure what you mean by "using a connecting email service"?  My emails are forwarded to my gmail account, but stay on your server, and in the mailbox online.


2.The history full? Again, what do you mean by my browser's history being full, it can hold months, but I keep it cleared out, as I just did again now.  As for switching to a private window, then logging back in, again, not so clear. Do you mean open a private window, and then log into GoDaddy?  OK, I did that, logged out, opened a private window, logged back in, and it still shows my mailbox 97% full.

And I'm up-to-date... but maybe you've misunderstood. I'm talking about the email that comes with my hosting, or "workspace" email, not a separate email account.

Does that help clarify?  oh, I see it already says workspace email.  So why aren't any of the deleted messages registering as deleted?  

Also, it shows 456 messages in my inbox, but at the bottom of the message window, it says, "501 Messages"....  So it sounds like even though I've trashed them, they're still in the box, but just not visible, and still taking up a lot of room!  Also, why is there no folder for trashed messages?  Shouldn't there be?

I just wrote another message, tried to include a photo, but everytime I tried, it kept saying:
"Uploading Screen Shot 2020-08-12 at 8.41.34 PM.jpg resulting in an error. Try uploading your file again."


Over & Over & Over & Over again!  I then tried dragging and dropping it, that didn't work either...

But I found the problem, in the updated view the Trash folder was Hidden!  So I couldn't see it, when I switched to Classic, I can see it and will purge the messages....  Why doesn't the trash file show up???