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godaddy email forwarding and Zillow Premiere Agent website

Godaddy is hosting my URL,, and Zillow is controlling the DNS (the website is wordpress based).  I'd like to use godaddy's email forwarding, and Zillow provides me with the capability to revise the MX record(s), but I can't figure out the information that needs to be placed in the MX record.  I've tried and, but those entries result in an error message.


What value(s) should the MX record contain?  Do I need to place values in the Cname records too?


Thank you.


Re: godaddy email forwarding and Zillow Premiere Agent website


To use Workspace email forwarding in the US region, which is viewable in the "Workspace Control Center" of your account you have to ensure there are two separate MX (Mail Exchanger) records in place at the dns manager of Zillow.


The first is with a priority of 10. The second is with a priority of 0. Both records should have a TTL of 1 Hour as recommended. If Zillow's DNS manager is not submitting the records you would need to reach out to them for assistance. There is no need to place a cName record for Workspace Email Forwarding. Hopefully this helps!