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my email is not receiving any emails from contact form 7



can any one help me please .. im trying to add a contact form in my website using the contact form 7 plugin but unfortunately when i try to send a test massage from my website its not sending to my email 


however if i change the Mail To : section to my Hotmail personal email its working without any problem


so i figure out the problem is i my email   

Community Manager

Hi @andyKando. Welcome to GoDaddy Community! 


It's hard to say for sure what's happening in your situation. I agree that it sounds like it could be something on the recipient email side since mail is being sent otherwise. The most common situation is that the email is getting delivered to your bulk/junk mail folder. If that's not the case, additional troubleshooting could probably be done if you provide your receiving email address and the address/website that is sending. With that information, others in the community may be able to suggest a solution. 


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