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search workspace Webmail email does not work

For the past several months, I've been having trouble searching email. Several times I told people they didn't send something to me, or that I didn't have what they are looking for, or thought I failed to send something and resent it, etc., because I couldn't find it in my email. Then I had to apologize when they proved they did send it, or asked why I asked again for them to do something they already did, etc. I felt like an idiot for not being able to do a simple search competently. After some experiments, I realized that the Workspace Webmail Search function is no longer capable of searching email content! It can only search header fields (date, to/from, subject).


A tech support guy I just talked to didn't think that was right, so he checked it out, and sure enough, it is no longer supported. He also tried it on Go Daddy's provision for Office365. That doesn't search email content, either!


But not even the Advanced Search can get search email content!


Can someone help? That just can't be true, can it?! That's just nuts! That's a basic function of almost any software product in the entire world of computing. I can see how that allows GoDaddy to squeeze more users on the same servers, and also allows their servers to use less disk space by relegating email content to back-burner archival servers; just keep the header handy. But not even Advanced Search?  That's desperate!


Can GoDaddy be that hard-up? Are they going under, and this is an attempt to stop the financial bleeding?