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Cannot Open Plesk Admin Panel

Hello. I am not able to go to Plesk Admin Panel. Everytime I have reset setting to enter admin Panel. What is the issue here? Also your support is too poor. I had live chat with your staff because I could access my website. They just said there is issue in my code which there isn't because I tried it in another hosting, it worked all right? Never thought Godday was this bad. And can I cancel my subscription. I don't want to use it anymore. You have poor support and lots of bug.

Community Manager

Hi @abhis. Thanks for posting. There's certainly a lot of different things you've touched on here. First, if you have canceled the hosting plan, I'm sorry to hear that. You'll want to work with our customer care team to see if your eligible for a refund. 


If you haven't canceled the hosting plan, from what you've explained, it sounds like the cycle is that you set up the hosting plan, then add content. After adding content, you start to have trouble accessing Plesk, which prompts you to reset the account. If that's the case, that does sound like something in your content is causing the problem. It would be hard to guess at what that would be without more information. 


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