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Codesign Certificate: You have to notice of additional costs

I bought a codesigning certificate. And provided business license issued by National Tax Service in Republic of Korea. That document itself can verify that the company is valid here.


But I got an email from that I have to provide a letter from lawyer who is registered in BAR association. I understand that GoDaddy can request some more documents because you are not in our country and not familiar with it.


However even so, you have to let me know in advance that it can cause additional cost of lawyer before its purchasing. That cost is several times more expansive than certificate. If I knew about this cost, I'd bought it from another local companies.


Now I have submitted letter from lawyer and GoDaddy request me to prove that lawyer is registerd in BAR association. So I submitted a document that proves you can search my lawyer at website of BAR assocication which doesn't provide English interface. And now I'm waiting for approval and so in pending status.  (update: I received email says that lawyer didn't answered your contact in her mobile phone)  So you are telling me that our lawyer didn't answered your phone call of which number is very look like spam and it's my responsibility. Is this make sense? If you're trying to contact, you have to let me know your calling phone number in advance so that we can opt in that number from not to be regarded as spam.


I very much regret buying this product here. IMO, you should not sell this kind of product globally, if you can't trust and understand each local country's business culture.