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Godaddy SSL Certificate fails on Google Cloud Platform Kubernetes

Creating a Kubernetes HTTPS Ingress at GCP has this error:


Error during sync: error running load balancer syncing routine: loadbalancer default-https2020--53551b7e402bc10a does not exist: Cert creation failures - k8s-ssl-28b4f34864f37b53-0aa4014e6a34e255--53551b7e402bc10a Error:googleapi: Error 400: The SSL key size is unsupported. The loadbalancer supports RSA-2048 and ECDSA P-256 certificates., sslCertificateUnsupportedKeySize


I have successfully installed Godaddy certificates for GCP in the past. I have also had no problem with NodeJs/Express/HTTPS. 


Google says that it is a problem with the Godaddy key.


Thanks in advance if anyone has any idea or advice.

Resolver VI

Hi Zulfiqar,

Many thanks!. These links are very helpful. Unfortunately, I tried the directions from those links but still have the same problem.