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Hi folks

I'm trying to find out if GoDaddy are compliant with ISO27001, and what security accreditations they hold.

I've scoured the site but can't find a quick, clean answer.  Any clues?


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ISO 27001 is somewhat flexible because different types of companies (based on size, type, form, industry, etc.) will have different security needs @DaveintheUK. Ultimately a audit and program implementation will determine compliance and your hosting provider would be a component of which your auditor may look? Certainly differing types of products and hosting would be more or less compliant than others. You can read about GoDaddy SOC or SSAE 16 compliance here.


If you are being promoted by a client to provide compliance information then it is perhaps time to look at your policies and procedures? Note that using companies that are in compliance does not automatically make your company compliant. The UK in your username suggests that your steps may be different than my own (in the United States)? You should contact GoDaddy directly for more information. I hope that helps?


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