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Need to a Wild Card instead of Standard ?

Hello There,


Last september i bought a SSL Standard Certificate and use it since march; Now i am wondering if it would be possible to upgrade this standard cert to a wild card version, without having to wait the next renew date.


Are there special offer for that migration type ?


In essence i initally forgot i had 3 aliases for my server like crm.<mydomain> or mail.<mydomain> and it dont work since ONLY www.<mydomain> is actually recognized by my cert...


And once more, i only have one server that need to use it but with aliases.


THANKS for your help !

From a newbee 😉


Re: Need to a Wild Card instead of Standard ?

You'll most likely have to let the old one expire. Your best bet it to call GoDaddy support and ask if they'll give you a deal for early upgrade or something. I really don't think they'll do it but as far as I see it I don't know why they wouldn't as a business choice but corporate companies have their reasons I'm sure.