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Premium EV SSL setup issues

 I purchased the premium (EV) SSL for my website but it seems to not have an option to set it up. I have my website connected through shopify at this time and according to what i read on shopify, to have a storefront SSL, you'd need to purchase it on  your hosting domain (which to my understanding is godaddy as it connects from here) so i purchased it and i'm at a dead end. Does any one have a solution?


thank you.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: SSL setup issues

Hi @tvosss, the first thing you'll want to do is start the process for requesting the EV Certificate per the following instructions:  

Once the certificate has been issued, you'll want to check with Shopify to see what steps you'll need to take to install that certificate on your storefront.  Thanks.




Re: SSL setup issues

Hi, thank you for the info.  

Also, would i have to remove the connection from godaddy to my shopify store while i obtain the certificate?