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SSL certificate not valid - HELP!

Hi I am super worried I went through the steps the GoDaddy support chat agent told me to do and install a basic SSL cert on my site. That was Saturday May 2 at 3:00pm and I am still seeing the certificate checker throwing errors: Could not retrieve certificate, unable to verify, No encryption methods found, An HTTPS connection could not be made to etc basically all errors. 

Should I be worried or do i just have to wait one more day for the full 72 hours to pass before I call support again?




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This looks like an issue that although the SSL Certificate is installed SSL is not enabled on this account - This is not a time issue but rather a server issue, and you will need to call back into support.

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I am also seeing SSL certs failing. Specifically, php calls to file_get_contents() are failing for because the cert in question can't be verified. The cert in question is a Sectigo issued cert that was just renewed 1 May.  I think maybe Sectigo has updated their CA certs and the GoDaddy server certs need to be updated accordingly.  Anyway, this indeed may be a GoDaddy issue. Tell them to check that their shared server SSL CA keys are up to date.

You are both correct! I called suppprt again and finally got the truth,
that this is a known issue and they don’t have enough people free due to
COVID to resolve this quickly so there is no ETA!

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