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Standard Domain Certificate - Need PFX for Azure

So I recently purchased a Standard DV Certificate, during which while applying, I got a screen showing a PRIVATE KEY text, and the CSR text, which I saved locally on my machine.


After getting the certificate, going to my account to download it, I chose 'other' for the server type because my Website is hosted in a Azure ServiceFabric Cluster. Ok, fine, but the zip file contains only 2 crt files. I've googled for days now on how to convert to PBX, tried many examples, using OpenSSL, but it always fails with some error about 'expecting ANY PRIVATE KEY'.


I have tried the Private key text which I initially got when I was creating the Cert, but that does not work.


How do I convert these files to PBX??


I had the same issue. I was able to get openssl to parse the key file after converting the file from UTF-8-BOM to UTF-8 using Notepad++. After that, i was able to generate a PFX file without error.

Was it the public key that you used?