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Website with https not opening with SSL

I have 2 domains registered with GoDaddy and got 2 SSL certificates as well.


Website1 say is also hosted on GoDaddy with SSL installed and works fine.


Website2 say is the main domain (being used in browser) which actually redirects to (mask redirect i.e. browser continues to show


PROBLEM : works fine while times out. I have installed SSL for


I don't have much experience with SSL


Question 1 : Do I actually need SSL for domain which only redirects? 


Question 2: How can I make to work?


I spoke with GoDaddy customer support and they say to have separate hosting while on some articles on Google, it is mentioned that you need SSL for domain as well.


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Re: Website with https not opening with SSL

Hi @userp,

Remember the KISS acronym?

Usually when folk go 'all around the houses' it's for one simple reason, to try and save money. It does not make things easy or save time, and if time is money?

Support are trained people, they don't just grab folk off the street. 

Whereas a google search has to be qualified according to its authenticity and source. 

Go with the advice from support........... KISS!!