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verification code via SMS

I just received a text message with a verification code, the issue is I was not logging into my account at the time. Has there been any misdirected login codes sent to peeps cell phones? Would it be safe to say a Hacker somehow obtained my login in credentials and nearly gained access and the two-step process stopped them?

Helper V

@InternetWorld If you have 2 step verification enabled you will only receive the sms code after entering your password correctly. If you did not login to your account it may have been someone else attempting to login using your correct username/password. I would recommend changing your password.

Yes I did the change immediately as I have 100s of domains in my account. I wonder if there is a way to trace the code that was sent SMS to the users IP address. I have a fraud detection team working on this now, we hope to report this to the proper authorities once our investigation is complete. 

@InternetWorld to track down the person who attempted to login would require Godaddy to provide you the IP Address of the login for the specific date/time of the login. From what I have seen in the past Godaddy does not release that information. IP Addresses can be dynamic and are not very useful in tracking down the culprit unless you are also able to track down the owner and find out who was assigned the IP in question. 

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