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Categories all disappared

I have been using WP Events Manager and suddenly all of my categories are gone.  I called support but without success.  One previous post said to confirm that the /tmp file was not full but I don't now how to resolve that.


Helper III

You won't be able to get support from GoDaddy on that since it's a 3rd party issue not directly tied to GoDaddy hosting. I recommend browsing the forums on how to solve your issue. If you need further help from me, give me a more detailed explanation of what you're dealing with, and I'll try and help you further.

I did find the answer using the Wordpress forums - thank goodness.  I found a plugin called Anti-Malware which found the malicious code that was causing the problem.  Because I had purchased Site Lock from GoDaddy months ago, I was surprised that my site was infected.  The site lock report says it's clean but it wasn't.  The GoDaddy rep said that if the site was infected before the purchase then it would not have been found.  Really?