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Horrible service!

I am just beyond done!  I have given godaddy so many chances and I've had enough!!  My emails hardly ever make it to me, the website builder doesn't ever do what I want it to do, now my website is constantly being hacked and godaddy doesn't protect it at all, half the time my website is down and isn't even viewable.  I have lost no telling how much business ($$) because of this service.  I'm about to lose more by transferring to another web host because of all of the time left on my contracts I have already paid for, but it's what I have to do to get my website back online and safe.  HORRIBLE!!!!!!


Hi @Cobbtree


Thank you for your post. Really sorry to hear about the frustration you've experienced with the site security. I know that as a business owner you want to do the best that is for your company and part of that goes into how you handle your on-line presence and website security. 


I want to encourage you to find the best host for your needs but also want to help clarify about a bit about website security. 


Wordpress sites are one of the most sought after sites to be compromised. This is mainly because wordpress uses plugins that in time have vulnerabilities exploited allowing hackers to gain access to site files.  Sometimes wordpress sites are setup with default usernames and passwords (i.e. username: Admin) which makes finding susceptibilities easier for password cracking bots that farm wordpress sites.


I also run a wordpress site and had to take steps within wordpress to help secure the site, somethings I've done is limit login attempts by I.P. address, changing the default login url and making sure to use verified plugins. 


Unfortunately, there is no system or host that can ever promise that a wordpress site will not be compromised as it heavily relies on the user to secure the site and take the steps needed to continuously update and backup the content. 


Anyways, I really wish you a smooth transition if you decide to move your website. Please be sure to make a backup copy of the site and retain it on your local drive just incase you need it one day. Also there are many users here that would be happy to offer advice on how to increase security for your site if you happen to need.


Best wishes!