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How to use NEWS API with JSON in Wordpress

Hello there,


Name is Chris


I operate a political opinion blog and want to create a dedicated News Page using  to attract more readers to my posts.  Newsapi uses JSON to import to the site I believe, however I am not a programmer and this is one area my efforts have failed to be able to get this even started. I am self taught on wordpress, but this has me stumped.


I am using a JSON importer plugin and I don't understand how to use it. It mentions their are templates I must use as the landing page for the API news feed and frankly I am a bit lost.


My vision, have a news page with categories of news articles with images flowing into and updated automatically. indicates this is possible and easy lol.


Any help be appreciated. A small monetary appreciation would be warranted if I can get this completed.



Helper V



The templates are developer short-codes to render a desired output...

The JSON Content Importer uses JCI and Twig template short-codes that you can use...

Please check the above URL to start working on it...


Hope this helps




Praveen Thomas

GoDaddy 24/7 Support

Hi Chris,


I'm trying to do about the same this as you are, I think.  I've tried to document how I set up my site using the JSON Content Importer (it's not intuitive) here:

I'd be happy to compare notes with you and see what you've done.



ericscottdouglas (at)