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Point blog to subdomain

ok, Wordpress newbie here.


Client has a site already setup under Wordpress, but isn't using the blog portion, it's just a static front page.  Now they would like to start up a blog, but have it point to a subdomain of the currently live site.


so there's www.example. com, which is live and running and needs to stay up.


They want to setup and have just the Wordpress blog show up there.  Is that possible with Wordpress on Godaddy? Can you walk me through it or point me in the right direction?



Hello @22popcornpete22. If I understand it correctly, they just want to keep the existing site, but have another WordPress installation that points to a subdomain for blogging purposes? If so, you could consider just adding the subdomain to the hosting plan as an add-on domain then installing WordPress on it. Then you'd just add it in the navigation of your main website, but the /blog (or whatever you decide to name it) would point to the subdomain WordPress site instead. You'd then want to have links within the blog that point back to the main site when necessary. 


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