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This Site Can't Be Reached

I've probably built 15+ wordpress sites over the past 4 years with GoDaddy. This is the first time this has ever happened. No matter how many times I try to install/uninstall wordpress it never can reach the site




It's happening to me too. I hope it gets resolved today.

It's getting really annoying. I uninstall, reinstall then it lets me build the site in the wordpress dashboard for about 10-15 minutes than boom the site is forever down. I am not doing anything fancy either just browsing wordpress themes and it just explodes and the site goes bye bye.

I have tried to setup a Managed Wordpress site more than 12 times in the past week.


Every time. Every time I try - I get this error.


I've spoke to six different Wordpress support folks. Although nice - who tell me six different stories.

Natasha and Jeremy were latest...


Responses were...

1. "We've had a DOS attack on some servers, try again in a couple of days"

2. Before download your SQL dump, deactivate all plugins

3. Try the Easy Migration without plugins activated

4. Delete your sites and start all over


None of these work.


In fact, I tried Jeremy's last suggestion and when I tried to transfer a new site it - it destroyed all my other Wordpress sites like a nuke. 


I think Wordpress has a serious problem now and since I've paid for a year hosting and burned through 20 hours of frustration. Time to ask for my money back and duck my head and go back to WPEngine - but I digress.


Has any got any suggestions before I cancel and spread bad mojo?

Hey @Memphis & @paranoialayouts,


Sorry for the trouble you were both encountering. Sounds like you were both experiencing the same issue we had reported earlier on our status page involving our cPanel hosting.That issue should be fixed right now.

If either of you are still encountering those issues with your WordPress installation, please reach out to our live support so they can help investigate into this further. 




Although similar, I think your issue may be different as it pertains to Managed WordPress. since the sites already setup on the plan were all removed, I'd recommend reaching out to our live support once more so our hosting team can review available restore options. They may be able to help recover those sites. 


CG - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
24/7 support available at

Thanks CG,


But this issue is duplicated everytime I attempt to transfer a Wordpress site into GoDaddy.


1. Turn off all plugins on old website at WpEngine to desktop (Ftp Download(

2. Export SQL with plugins off

3. Use Managed Wordpress to create instance

4. Upload FTP from old site into new FTP Directory

5. Drop existing Wordpress tables from PHPMyAdmin

6. Import New SQL tables

7. Change wp_options to temporary URL


Here's what I get - every time.


Site Can't Be Readed


I've spoke to your live team five different times. They have duplicated the issue and one walked me through the process step by step citing a DOS attack.


All I'm trying to do is transfer a small site into GoDaddy. I have plenty more, but this has been mind-numbingly difficult for me. 


Do you have any suggestions?

Correction - The error on the page is reading...


The page isn’t working redirected you too many times.


Going from bad to worse. Sites that were working on my Managed Wordpress account are now showing up as that same issue - Sites Can't Be Reached. 


I was just working on this 30 minutes ago and the site is down now.

Ok. I look like a troll - this site is back up, but the one's I've tried to transfer into...


NADA still, but this up and down issue is very frustrating.

Is this a GoDaddy issue with WordPress causing this to happen? I do not use GoDaddy for my website. I merely used them for domain. I used someone else to build my website but it is working on WordPress. I know nothing about WordPress.