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Website coming soon! Problem

Hello there,


I was building my website with wordpress on godaddy hosting, everything was fine until today. 


I have recevied an email from godaddy regarding email verification. When i see that i was unable to access my website because the home page was saying that i need to verificate my email.


I said cool i will do that. I have verificarted my email but then the homepage turned into the coming soon page pelase see the screenshot:



I can see my website still by using "preview website" tool in cpanel but unfortunately i cannot access by typing my domain name to the address bar.


Can someone help me ?


Hi @Taciafp7

Welcome to our forums! Without the domain name (can't read it in the screenshot), it's difficult to determine the issue. But if I could guess, it looks like issue might be with your DNS, since the "coming soon" page is not ours. I suggest reviewing your domain's IP address and nameservers to make sure it's correct. 

KayJay - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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