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WordPress Plugin: Search Engine Visibility Error

I am facing a major problem with how search engines see me.

my domin is Godaddy and I am using WordPress with Themify Ultra-Fitness. Its been a while that I don't receive any hits and visitors on the website. At first I thought maybe my SEO isn't working or I have made other mistakes. So I went to godaddy search Engine Optimization and analysed my content and how Search Engines see me. Well in all 3 parts (3key words, 2 key words and 1 key word) it showed me words and phrases which were not close to what I have used.
I have another website with no theme that one is working perfectly. Therefore I was thinking mybe its my Theme and I am not doing it right. Can I post my key words on the website which visitors cannot see but at the same time google can see and recognize it? like the text being the same color as the background or invisible, maybe a HTML Code/file which I can change the Tags in?
Please help I'm so confused.



Advocate VII

Hi @harmonywc,


Don't try to trick Google or the other search engines by making background and text the same color.  They actually will lower your ranking when they find this pattern in your site.


Your theme choice does have a big impact on SEO. Some themes look very pretty, but have a horrible SEO structure or capability.  Have you tried the Yoast SEO plugin?  That's been my go to for getting my organic SEO going.  It grades your page and tells you exactly what you need to do to optimize the page.


Hope this helps,




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Dito, @JMPepper said exactly what I would suggest.


Try Yoast SEO plugin.

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Yup I think so too.

Hi. Oh i didnt know that. This is my first time first site. So do you think its better to just lose Themify and get a new one?
If so what should I get?
Or just use nothing.
Helper I

Is hard to do that with godaddy on wordpress SEO, and google, bing and yahoo will see you diferent, mont to mont, all depend on your seo and engine algoritmo...i recomment you to optimer each title, category, and tag manually, also to to use yoast seo plugin, is a free and pay version..good luck..

AH @barahona06 has brought one key point to how to do SEO.  From the very beginning of search engine queries, CONTENT IS KING!  By knowing what your site visitors are searching for, the terms and phrases being used, and accurate writing/media on relevant topics for your audience you'll do well.  With good content, doing the basics such as your H-tags, a good site snippet, and good key word ratio's you'll be on the right track.



Not Just Pretty Sites, Pretty Doggone Smart Sites

Thank you. Well I am trying my best. Seems im lost more than i thought.

Im not lazy nor trying to trick google and/or other search engines. Launching a website is not in my field. I have zero knowledge. Even searching and reading online sometimes still doesnt help.
The thing is I did every step one by one as google said. Still no hits and no rateing. Therefore I thought its Themify is my problem and it is blocking everything.Now I think I should change it. But dont know what to change it to. 😣

Hi @harmonywc,


If you'll send me your site address, I'll take a look.  I'll also take a few minutes and look at Themify's SEO structure.  Often, its just a matter of adding a bit of code to a theme to get the structure complete. 


Also, have you been able to embed the google analytics code into your pages?  If not, that's a definite requirement.  Even if you have "verified" your site ownership, its still not the same as having code in the theme that Google and other search engines are looking for.


Be glad to help and just give me a bit more info on the site!


Not Just Pretty Sites, Pretty Doggone Smart Sites

Sorry for the late reply. Our site address is .

Due to my poor knowledge in HTML and codes made me think that Themify would be a help but unfortunately now it seems all my problems are running around it.

In the past few days I learned how to work with google analysis through its own instructions. I'm assuming that I did everything right through google and installed the code right, but it would be good to have an expert confirming it. The below link is a pdf file which contains my screen shots of the Analytics.

so, as far as I can understand, my google analytics works and is linked, but I might be wrong, I would be so thankful of you to look at them and giving me feedback based on the screen shots and of course your expertise.

I hope through the pictures you can help me out and I can put aside this item and go to the next steps.

I also have a question regarding Yoast SEO. Do you think I should install it? Or will I have conflicts?

Hope to hear from you soon.

Hi @harmonywc,


Yes, it does look like Google analytics is in place and so Google is finding your site. 


Not sure if this occurs with all of your site visitors, but it took a LONG time for the page to load the 1st visit.  Load time does impact rankings.  This is one area for improvement.


As far as Yoast, I use it A LOT!  Not only from the point of view that the plugin works, but also that the support and information tied to how one optimizes SEO.  Many of the hints and requirements are built right into the dialogue boxes.  Not to say that it doesn't happen, but I've never had a conflict with Yoast on any of my sites.  Sometimes, the plugin irritates me with a message in the dashboard, but I'm getting a bit crotchety in my old age!


I'll take a look at a couple of other considerations on your site and give you another update a bit later in the day.


Also, no need to share you google analytics now.  I'd go ahead a  pull the link to the pdf file down.


I'll be teaching an intro class to SEO in just a few weeks.  Let me know if you're interested!



Not Just Pretty Sites, Pretty Doggone Smart Sites

Hi James, 

Hope your well and having a nice day.

As you saw everything is in place. So Its probably Themify conflicting or ...I dont know what. What ever it is killing me. what do you think?

Doing something for the first time without any background and also no teacher .with ""do it yourself skills / attitude""  im happy Im still alive. 

About the loading time I dont know why and what to do . Suggestions please.  🙂

I deleted the file as you said. and Ill go and read Yoast right after this.

Actually I was going to ask  if you can recommend some classes to me. I really need help the sooner the better. May I ask for an e-mail or another way to write? I dont know the policies and not sure if asking  is correct or not. 

Hope to hear from you soon.