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WordPress Problems on GoDaddy

I am wondering if anyone has had this issue i have came to godaddy from another provider the other provider never let me down performance wise the only reason i moved was the price was going up a good bit.


I installed wordpress and have ssl the site has been unused for a good few weeks and today i logged in to this message


The site has been in maintenance mode for weeks unused and when i look at the stats and usage the numbers are fine.


Anyone ?

Advocate VII

Hi @TattieBoJangle,
This is indeed a bit of an unusual question. You say the site has been in maintenance mode for weeks. Is the site not working at all? If you can provide a little more information and your url perhaps we can look a little more closely. Feel free to private message me if you would like.

Looking forward to your reply,

Not Just Pretty Sites, Pretty Doggone Smart Sites

Hi James @JMPepper,

Thanks for the reply i just ended up taking the site down and going to transfer. But yeah i uploaded the site a good few weeks ago and didn't really touch it due to not having the time but i did notice i would take a long time to even log in to my cPanel.