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"Archives:" added before page title

I am using the Lyrical Educational theme with the LearnDash LMS plugin installed. I am not using any posts, just pages and the LearnDash courses. To showcase the courses, I created a page with the title "Courses". I have set the URL in the call to action button of the Hero area of the home page header, and in the main menu, to link to this page. When I visit the site and click any of theses instances, it does not go to the desired page. It goes to one of the course introduction pages instead, and the title displayed in the header of that page reads "Archives: Courses". I do not have any post categories besides "uncategorized", nor do I have any posts. I am at a loss as to what is generating that bogus title and why the URL I set in Page Builder isn't being followed. Any suggestions?

Community Manager

Hi @springtide. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! I set up a test site with the Lyrical theme to see if I could reproduce what you're describing, but I wasn't able to. It seems likely that this is in your configuration somewhere. If you can provide the domain of your site, that may help others look at the issue and offer suggestions. Hope you're able to figure this out!


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I have narrowed it down to only one page that displays as described...a page titled "Courses". That page is linked to in the main menu and 2 buttons on the Home page. When I am in the Wordpress admin and try to open that page with the Page Builder, it opens with a preview instead, not Page Builder. I tried deactivating Page Builder but it made no difference. I will try deactivating other plugins one at a time to see if one of them might be causing this strange behaviour.


The site is at



Well, I don't like doing a work-around without knowing what caused the original problem, but when I use a different page to replace the one that had the problem, it works fine. No more "Archives:" in front of the title. So I guess that will be my solution. I put the original page into "Draft" status and changed all the links in the main menu and Home Page buttons to go to the alternate page. FYI: the alt page I used is one that was came with the Lyrical theme, "Portfolio".