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wordpress migration wont work


I bought  the wordpress managing deal before something like 2 month now.

I had a wordpress website which stored in alternative company which costs a lot.

I have a backup files from the old host.


I just installed the db sql file and it worked.


the problem is with the ftp..

I tried to move the homedir folder into the public_html folder in the ftp  and I have a lot of errors:

1) The ftp keep shutting me down every couple minutes (blocking the transfering although the size of the files is not so big)

2) The wordpress new site is not working..I have a lot of not understood words (like ���{7� etc..)

3) The help center of GoDaddy is hell! the chat ALWAYS offline and i'm from Israel so I can't reach them on the phone..



Please help me ASAP, I really don't know what else to do...




Hello @eden123. If the auto-migration tool in Managed WordPress isn't working then you may want to consider manually moving the site. Otherwise keep trying for chat when available or consider calling internationally to speak with support. 


Naterx - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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