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    SSL Installation on Virtual Private Server.

    Hello Guys, I bought a Virtual Private server (Linux) from GoDaddy. While purchasing I received an SSL too. Now when I access my WHM using port 2087. I noticed a security alert ( Not secure connection) do you still want to continue. Now my question is, How can I install SSL certificate on VPS?

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    Hello @Retired,

    I don't see any proper solution in that article. I hope you haven't understood my question?. I'm looking for a solution to install SSL certificate for WHM itself.

    As per the article, I can install SSL certificate for shared hosting.  When it comes to WHM, I don't have any idea to do it. I have raised a ticket in cPanel Community, They said, You need to ask your hosting provider to install SSL certificate on WHM. 

    I have reached out GoDaddy Customer support, they don't even understand my question. 

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    Dear @Retired,

    Surely,  those video tutorials won't help me to resolve my issue. My concern isn't about installing SSL Certificate to a domain. In that case, I will choose AutoSSL or else Let's encrypt SSL. I want to install an SSL  Certificate to WHM (WebHost Manager).  Compared to the video and article, GoDaddy infrastructure notably improved. At present, I'm using cPanel & WHM version ( v 66.0.17). If you have any suggestions, provide me the best solution. 

    Thank You. 

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    i have tried to help, obviously it's not what you need. I am unsure exactly what you mean and am not alone in this......

    i suggest you hire a sysadmin because my time is not paid for here to send messages back and forth before I realise what you are asking is impossible for the hosting you have. 

    I suggest hiring a sysadmin or speaking with support. 


    Thank you for your precious time. I hope, I found it. cPanel & WHM come with a self-signed certificate. So that, we need to replace existing certificate to a new one. 

    @RaaviRaghu Can you please share the solution you have came up with?

    Very simple. In the end I ditched the vps and moved to another hosting company. Twice as fast, full instant support, and I've not had to worry about server management ever since.

    Did you ever find a solution to this?


    I've had a Godaddy VPS for several years and I have never found a way of fixing it. Go Daddy's support doesn't seem to comprehend what the issue is, nor does anyone else. I seem to have hit the same brick wall you did. I can't believe that we are the only people encountering this problem.


    Thanks in advance.

    I just spoke with Godaddy support on what I believe to be something similar except for with a dedicated server...  As far as I know, you can't.  WHM doesn't get an SSL because it is an IP address and it comes with a self-signed certificate.  You can however, as stated in the answers by anonymous, put certificates on domains.  I know this is a tad late but I figured I would put in my piece of mind for the future visitors!