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Connection to an external database

Hi folks,


I have had a cPanel hosted site with Godaddy since July 2019 and all has worked great up until Friday last week.


My site has to connect to an external database that is hosted by someone else so that the gathered data, along with the php coding that resides on my Godaddy host creates the site.


If I try to fire the site up it times out and I get this error message:-


"Could not connect to the vaBase Live database. This is a connection issue with your web hosting provider. Please contact them and ask for port 3306 to be open for external connections to allow connection to our database."


The site failed on Friday and after a web chat and a 1 hour phone call to Godaddy I am no nearer resolving the issue. All is fine with the host of the database and I am the only one to report an issue to him. 


Has anyone else had issues of this kind when trying to connect their site to an external db.


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This sounds like  an issue on the server you are connecting to and not your GoDaddy server.

I would contact the person hosting the database and let them know are are receiving the error.

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Thanks for the reply.


I have already contacted him and he says all is good at his end and that I am the only one reporting such an issue.


However, the error message is the default message that flashes u when the conn.php file is unable to connect to the db. I will get back in touch with him and tackle him about it because this msg is a pre set one in that php file and as I see it, it only means that there is a connection issue between the two hosts, not that it is specifically with one or the other.


Will report back